061512 1049

i want to debaseyou

 erase you

wrap my hands around your throat

i want to waste you

destroy you

and if you bleed real slow

i’ll love it so

i’m so excited

i just can’t hide it

i’m about to loose control

and i think i like it


020912 0149

     If I could kill you I would kill you slowly. Savoring the moment. Grinning my Cheshire grin as you breathe your last breath.
     If I could kill you I would kill you quickly. My breath hard and fast. As the look of surprise on your face turned waxy and pale.
     If I could kill you… if only I could kill you.

122211 1748

I enjoy sitting quietly in the shade of the linden tree behind my house. The wind blows softly and bird song fills the air. I like looking at the flowers I have planted in the yard. Sweet honeysuckle fills the air with its sugared scent. Stately irises sway back and forth. Comely yellow roses bathe their velvety faces in the warm sun. My heart beats steadily and I breathe a lilting tune as I think of your body buried beneath those roses. Your rotting carcass feeding their delicate beauty.

120811 0141

One day we will be standing on a cliff in the Southern region of Chiloe. A chill wind will whip my hair about my face. Our hands will be cold. The setting sun will paint the sky with fire. As you turn to look at me, your eyes filled with wonder and delight, I will reach out to you. My hands will not tremble. My breath will be steady. I will reach out to you and without hesitation I will push you over the edge. I will watch the sun drop into the sea and drown. Just like you.